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20th July 2019 
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About Workplace Anger Management Coaching

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ANGER MANAGEMENT - NOW *** On-line 5-Stage Course

With ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW , participation through SKYPE and ZOOM online means that the one- to- one coaching format of this established Course, together with the accompanying dedicated, individual, work sheets, is now not only possible for everyone ; it's probably the ideal way to connect with, and benefit from, the program.

NOW you can select the dates and times most convenient to YOU in the place of your choosing - whether at home or in the workplace - providing ultimate privacy and comfort.

ANGER MANAGEMENT-GLASGOW is of course based in Glasgow, Scotland, in Glasgow's city centre in fact.

While still continuing to work with my clients personally here in Glasgow, I can NOW be with you, wherever you are!

Do go to the F.A.Q. page for details on how to book, and pay for, your ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW Program.

Of course, as always, I suggest you get in touch with me
by e-mail - ( just click on left ) - or phone ( 0141 334 1980 )
before deciding that my Anger Management Course is the right choice for you.

Cost of the SKYPE / ZOOM on-line Course is identical to our in-house Course (50 per session)
to be paid in advance securely by using the PayPal "Pay Now" Button below with your Credit or Debit Card. (You don't need a PayPal account).

For Employer referral, E.A.P. and Corporate client sessions costs please go to relevant Workplace Anger Management Page.

ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW has Profession Liability Insurance Cover.

All ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW printed Client Information Sheets (C.I.S.) are World Copyright.