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24th June 2019 
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About Workplace Anger Management Coaching

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ANGER MANAGEMENT - NOW *** On-line 5-Stage Course

With ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW , participation through SKYPE and ZOOM online means that the one- to- one coaching format of this established Course, together with the accompanying dedicated, individual, work sheets, is now not only possible for everyone, but probably the ideal way to connect with, and benefit from, the program.

NOW you can select the dates and times most convenient to YOU in the place of your choosing - whether at home or in the workplace - providing ultimate privacy and comfort.

ANGER MANAGEMENT-GLASGOW is of course based in Glasgow, Scotland, in Glasgow's city centre in fact.

While still continuing to work with my clients personally here in Glasgow, I can NOW be with you, wherever you are!

Do go to the F.A.Q. page for details on how to book, and pay for, your ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW Program.

Of course, as always, I suggest you get in touch with me
by e-mail - ( just click on left ) - or phone ( 0141 334 1980 )
before deciding that my Anger Management Course is the right choice for you.

Cost of the SKYPE Course is identical to our in-house Course (50 per session)
to be paid in advance securely by using the PayPal "Pay Now" Button below with your Credit or Debit Card. (You don't need a PayPal account).

For Employer referral, E.A.P. and Corporate client sessions costs please go to relevant Workplace Anger Management Page.

ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW has Profession Liability Insurance Cover.

All ANGER MANAGEMENT-NOW printed Client Information Sheets (C.I.S.) are World Copyright.