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During my involvement in psychotherapy, and particularly over the past few years, an increasing number of my clients have presented with anger as their main obstacle to satisfactory relationships in both their professional and personal lives.

That's why I have created my specific, result-focused Anger Management-Glasgow Programme, and its' on-line SKYPE / ZOOM application Anger Management- Now.
The Course of five sessions is structured in a one- to- one coaching format , which also acknowledges each client's own unique history and personal experiences.

WHEN WE FEEL UPSET, ANNOYED, FRUSTRATED, OR ANGRY, that feeling is always justified.
The FEELING is an early warning that something out there isn’t O.K.
It’s how we COMMUNICATE our feelings and get things sorted early on that’s the challenge ………… and I don’t need to emphasise to you that losing our temper NEVER makes things O.K., neither for us – nor for anyone else.

Many of us just don't understand why we become so agitated and angry, starting with what seems to be very little reason ; we can feel overwhelmed and become pessimistic about ever bringing our anger under control.

MY COURSE IS IN A ONE-TO-ONE COACHING FORMAT, based on the program created by two of the most eminent International Practitioners in Anger Management, and Professors in Clinical Psychology, Kassinove and Tafrate.
I mention this because the Course doesn’t follow any of the usual paths to anger management which involve variations of counting to ten, or redirected willpower.
No, my programme is tailored, right from the start, to relate to YOUR individual situation, YOUR relationships, YOUR circumstances, and YOUR challenges.

We start by recognising the difference between thoughts and feelings – to really focus on your feelings, which are often quite difficult to communicate - and to do so we are going to use some perhaps unusual concepts.

WE LOOK AT THE PERSONAL CAUSES AND TRIGGERS OF YOUR ANGER , then work on skills and strategies to reduce and control your anger, and finally focus on relapse prevention.
One of the most important aspects of our work together will be finding just where you are most sensitive - another way of referring to the buttons that others often seem to know how to press - and desensitizing.
And we learn how to adopt and maintain Planned Avoidance of anger episodes in the future.

AT THE SAME TIME WE EXPLORE NEW OPTIONS TO DEVELOP YOUR POTENTIAL and improve your quality of life, so that control can once again be regained in all areas of your life.
Recovering and preserving High Self Esteem is perhaps the essential factor in our work, together with ongoing Assertiveness.
Also we acknowledge that planning and maintaining your ongoing Personal Wellbeing is vital to achieving your life goals, not only for your own benefit, but also for those you care about most.

The Programme leads from the personal causes and triggers of anger, through skills and strategies to reduce and control anger, and finally to relapse prevention.
At the same time new options are explored to develop potential and improve quality of life now - control can once again be regained in all areas.

Taking an interest in my Anger Management Programme is a very important first step.
To take advantage of the chance to participate in this one-to-one personal coaching course could be the most important step of all.

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